We realize we’re new in town. That’s why you’ll be able to get a great deal on advertising on ATXclassical. You can start for as low as $5 per week. Prices won’t stay this low, but you can lock in your rate for a year, a quarter or just pay as you go!

We don’t rotate our ads, so if you have the leaderboard for a week, you have the exclusive use of the space, throughout the entire site. So plan and book your ads early!

Discounts for locking in your advertising are available. Contact us at for the best deal.

This website is a passion. It’s not a personal cash cow. All advertising proceeds go directly toward the upkeep of the website. When you reserve an ad, you not only support your mission, you support classical music in Austin.

Available sizes

Leaderboard 486×60
Sidebar Above the Fold 125×125 or 250×125
Sidebar Below the Fold 125×125 or 250×125
Monthly Newsletter Banner 320×60

Custom advertising

We can customize your advertising solution. We’re always open to new ideas. Want to embed a video ad in the sidebar? We can work with that. You bring the idea to the table and we’ll come up with a solution and pricing. User experience is most important to us, so no pop ups will be allowed.

Free ad creation and design services

Would you like to advertise, but you don’t have the resources to create an ad? You provide the collateral and we will create a custom ad for you (486×60, 125×125, 250×125, or 320×60) at no charge to you! You will own the rights to the ad, so you will even be able to use the ad on different sites.

Metrics and Google Analytics integration

We want your ad to be successful and we realize that you want to know exactly how it performs. After all, this website was built by a marketer. Do you have a Google Analytics account? Beyond impressions and click-throughs, we will work with you to make sure you’ll be able to accurately track your ad in your account.

Mobile friendly

ATXclassical is a smartphone friendly website, and our newsletter was built on a mobile friendly template. Your ads will be seen on most mobile screens!

Contact us at today!