Why ATXclassical?

Classical music is thriving in Austin. Few cities across the country can boast a professional symphony, opera and ballet under the roof of a state-of-the-art performing arts center, a university with a renowned music school and a presenting arm that hosts acclaimed artists, and a lively scene of choral music, chamber music, amateur and professional groups.

In other words, we have a lot to show off. ATXclassical was launched to do just that. Austinites will discover a cornucopia of classical music, right here in your hometown.

ATXclassical is designed to offer people looking for classical music activities a clear and easy-to-navigate choice. You’ll be able to browse by date and by categories, making finding that perfect concert easy as pie! And each event has its own special page with all the need-to-know details, including a handy map, so you’ll never get lost.

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Austinites are encouraged to leave a review. You don’t have to be an expert to let us know what you think. Tell us how you experienced the event.

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Performance calendar

One glance at the ATXclassical busy performance calendar will reveal just how much is really happening around town. This one-stop shop for all classical music events in Austin showcases the variety and volume of offerings.

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Featured events / best bets

Occasionally, we like to call special attention to the scene’s most exciting events coming up. You’ll see these events splashed across the home page.

Local classical music news

Stay abreast of the latest news from the scene. ATXclassical is your source for all things classical in Austin.

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Special deals

Who doesn’t like to feel a little special every once in a while? Know what performance you’d like to see? Don’t forget to check if there’s a special deal for ATXclassical visitors!

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We’re building a community of classical music fans, right here in Austin. Everyone is encouraged to comment on events and news on the site, and we’re active on Facebook and Twitter, bringing classical music a little closer to you one status update or tweet at a time.

Who is behind this site?

My name is Marc, and I’m a classical music fan. I’m a Dutch and digital native who married the girl who introduced him to the music at the Staatsoper in Vienna in 2002. I have worked for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Austin Lyric Opera and I am currently a board member of Chorus Austin. I speak on digital marketing and the arts, and occasionally do some consulting. This project, though, was born out of love. I want to show off classical music in Austin.