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Video Interview with Michelle Haché

In our second ATXclassical video interview, we sat down with local soprano Michelle Haché who will be performing the title role in Princess Ida with The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Austin the next two weeks. We talk about the upcoming performances … [Read More...]

Video Interview with Liz Cass

In this first ATXclassical video interview of what we hope will be many, we sat down with local mezzo-soprano Liz Cass who will be performing with Chorus Austin this upcoming weekend. We talk about how she started her singing career and delve deeper … [Read More...]

Flamenco Takes Center Stage at The Long Center

Our brains tend to pigeonhole concepts into strict categories. So while we don't classify flamenco as classical music, that doesn't mean it doesn't have a long history. In fact, 'flamenco' as a musical term is older than 'classical music' as a … [Read More...]